Hearthstone Communities 2.0

Last year we got the opportunity to film a story for Hearthstone Communities Annual Fundraising Gala.  We were told that 2014 was a record year for donations and they even gave our video partial credit for that!  The video added a great element to the Gala and they asked us to come back this year to film another story!

Thursday we got to see another side of the communities. They provide care for seniors at all stages and this year we got to meet a very active group! They had a busy activity day with health checks, exercise, dancing, and a visit from the Hearthstone Daycare kids. We also got to talk to Virginia, who is a resident that lives across the street from the house she was born in. We are excited to show her story and all the ways that Hearthstone is working to provide for everyone in their care.

Hearthstone Blog Photo 1 Hearthstone Blog Photo 4 Hearthstone Blog Photo 3

Here is last years video in case you missed it!

If you want to find out more about Hearthstone Communities you can learn about them here!

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