Stella’s 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Stella!  What a bunch of beautiful friends and family you got to celebrate with!  Ben and I had so much fun at your party Thanks for having us!  ~Weltzin Media

Stella1stBirthday-042 Stella1stBirthday-041 Stella1stBirthday-047Stella1stBirthday-013Stella1stBirthday-037Stella1stBirthday-021 Stella1stBirthday-012 Stella1stBirthday-049 Stella1stBirthday-054 Stella1stBirthday-055 Stella1stBirthday-068 Stella1stBirthday-073 Stella1stBirthday-078 Stella1stBirthday-002 Stella1stBirthday-008

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