Weddings Are Good for the Soul

Kapocius Vows

As a loving and loved husband, I have found each and every wedding that we have been invited to capture to be an incredible blessing. I have heard it often that by the time you are an adult you need to be reminded much more than you need to be taught. I believe that the timing and content of our most recent reminders at Jackie and Scott’s wedding can be considered nothing less than God appointed.

As some of you may know, it has been a difficult week at the WCA (Willow Creek Association). Due to necessary budget cuts, a number of staff members are now in search of a new job. My friend, who has served at Willow for nearly 30 years, is one of them.

Which brings me to what I was reminded of at the wedding. During his speech, one of Scott’s groomsmen said, “You’re going to be great at your job, there’s not doubt about that, but there’s always going to be someone who can take your place. There’s one job, however, that only you guys can fill and that is the role of being a husband and wife to each other.”

It was good to have that fresh in my mind when I sat down at a one on one meeting Tuesday morning to learn about my future with the WCA. God will keep me at the WCA for as long as He has planned, which I hope will be for a long time, but the past week has given me fresh perspective on just how much I value my relationship with Brittany. There is only one man who can fulfill the role of being her husband and when so many other roles will be so fleeting I will continue to devote time and energy to that role. As God as my witness, I give you my promise.

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