Hearthstone Communities 2.0

Last year we got the opportunity to film a story for Hearthstone Communities Annual Fundraising Gala.  We were told that 2014 was a record year for donations and they even gave our video partial credit for that!  The video added a great element to the Gala and they asked us to come back this year to film another story!

Thursday we got to see another side of the communities. They provide care for seniors at all stages and this year we got to meet a very active group! They had a busy activity day with health checks, exercise, dancing, and a visit from the Hearthstone Daycare kids. We also got to talk to Virginia, who is a resident that lives across the street from the house she was born in. We are excited to show her story and all the ways that Hearthstone is working to provide for everyone in their care.

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Here is last years video in case you missed it!

If you want to find out more about Hearthstone Communities you can learn about them here!

New Season! New Camera!

We added a new camera to the mix this week!  An EOS Canon 6D has joined our camera bag.  The 6D got its first workout debut this past Saturday during a wedding at the Belvedere in Elk Grove Village.  Joe and Molly had a stunning wedding that ended in snow falling which is a huge blessing on your big day!  Here are few video still shots from their wedding on the new camera.

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We are so excited to be doing so much in 2015! We decided to buy this camera mainly for video because we have 5 double weddings this year!  No not 2 couples getting married on the same day sharing a ceremony and reception BUT a wedding where we get to do both photography and videography!

Videography and Photography Packaging

Wedding Products 01

One of our favorite parts of a wedding is seeing the final product come together. Something we pride ourselves in is our custom packaging.  We deliver custom labeled flash drives and keepsake boxes for weddings.  We use a chemical transfer process to print our design on to wooden keepsake boxes that hold all of the deliverables when shipped.  We have learned a lot about getting the right exposure so that the wood grain shows through in the highlights but there is enough mid tones and shadows so that the image still shows through. One of our favorite things about the process is that it leaves room for surprises and we never know exactly how it will turn out until it is done.

Schroeder Flash Drive 1 Schroeder Flash Drive 2

Wedding Products 03 Wedding Products 04

Joe and Suzi

Joe and Suzi went to high school together and were great friends.  Joe had a secret.  He was in love with Suzi but was in the “friend zone” in high school.  He listened to her complain about other boys and ask why there were no good boys all while falling more and more in love with her each day. After high school they went their separate ways and started families with other people.  About a year ago they both attended a high school reunion where Joe got his second chance to win Suzi!  He didn’t let her get away this time.  They dated, got engaged and were married at an outdoor ceremony that we were blessed to attend and film on August 10th, 2014.


Hearthstone Communities Promo

Recently we did a promotional video for a Senior Living facility.  It was centered on a woman who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  This video helped tell her story and the facility earn triple what they normally do at their annual fundraiser!  This woman is still doing the Lord’s work even after her death!  Amen!

Christmas Pictures!

Christmas Photography Package:

-1hr photo shoot at location and in studio at home or church

-Family and Individual Portraits

-All edited High resolution Images (22 megapixels) on a disk drive within 1 week

– 10 images available for dropbox download within 1-3 days

-1 wooden block ornament with pictures printed on it

-Rights to print all the images


(optional) + additional wooden plaque $35 each (sizes vary usually 10×10)

(optional) + each additional ornament $20 each


Ornament Product 3

Brittany’s Design Work!

Brittany does all the design work for our packaging!  Check out some of her work!  These packaging designs are based off the wedding invitations!  Please let us know if you would like a box for your wedding memories!  They are normally $35!

For FB Full Product

Product - Danielle and Joe Wood Boxuse for website blog

IMG_5719 copy